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Why Choose Jaipur Mind Center

Jaipur Mind Center is very prominent and top class clinic in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur Rajasthan. The center has a range of skilled staff with high qualified doctors who focus on providing the better health care treatment to patients. We have high class treatment with traditional and advance techniques. Moreover, privacy of patient is our top motto.

Dr Tushar Kant is competent, senior and best psychiatrist in jaipur mind center has an outstanding experience. He treat the patients with medicines and CBT and rest according to the condition. Here, Patients can take the treatement through instant chat and video consultation also. So, if you are looking to cure your mental illiness problem then call us or email us we are always happy to serve you better.

Dr Tushar Kant

About Dr. Tushar Kant

MBBS, DNB (Psychiatrist in Jaipur Mind Center)

Dr. Tushar Kant is a well qualified and one of the best psychiatrists in jaipur. He has completed his MBBS from GOA MEDICAL COLLEGE, PANJIM and DNB Psychiatry From VIMHANS Hospital, New Delhi. Dr Tushar has an vast experience in the field of psychiatry. He is also working as an Consultant Psychiatrist in FORTIS Hospital Jaipur. Some of the services provided by the doctor are:- Depression treatment, Psychosexual Problems, Migraine treatment, Deaddiction and other psychiatric illnesses. Besides Working with Fortis Hospital, Dr tushar is running his own clinic in vaishali nagar with the name JAIPUR MIND CENTER where he work in the evening time at 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

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Psychiatrist Services in Jaipur Mind Center



Sadness in mood is a normal reaction to life’s struggles, setbacks and disappointments....



There are many different types of headaches. Although not all headaches are the same...



Everyone feels anxious now and then. It’s a normal emotion. For example, you may feel ...



A phobia is an intense fear of something that, in reality, poses little or no actual danger....



If you can't sleep, you may be wondering if you have insomnia. Insomnia ....

De Addiction


The child and adolescent psychiatrist is a physician who specializes...

Trance and Possession Disorder


Possession trance is characterized by a transient alteration in identity..

Personality Disorder


Personality disorders are a class of mental disorders ..

Eating Disorder


Eating disorders are psychological illnesses defined by...

Most Recommended Psychiatrist in Jaipur

Dr. Tushar Kant is most recommended psychiatrist in jaipur, Rajasthan. He runs his own clinic in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur from the last 5 years. Dr tushar has an execellent reputation in all online platforms such as Google, Practo, Lybrate and many more. Patients come from many places like Vidhyadhar Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, Mansarovar and other areas of Jaipur to take treatment via 'offline' and also consult for 'online' treatment via whatsapp and others. He is in the top list of best psychiatrist in jaipur. Dr. Tushar treat all types of psychological problem on effective cost.



Our Jaipur Mind Center Hours are-:
Mon to Sat -:4:00PM to 7:00PM
Sun -:Closed


Definitely, based on the diagnosis of the disorder. Regular intake of medicines along with counselling where required will help. Most of the psychiatric illness require long term treatment. Hence regular follow up is a must.


It depend on the disorder you are being treated for. For eg First episode depression treatment requires for 6-9 months, Anxiety disorders for minimum 6 months and disorders like Schizophrenia may require treatment life long. Disorders of childhood and old age problems treatment is as per the diagnosis.


Most of the side effects of medication are transient and selflimiting. The chances of addiction and dependence are less when they are supervised. Common side effects are dryness of mouth, constipation, blurring vision, weight gain, sexual dysfunction and increased sleep in some. These common side effects are not seen in around 10% of the patients.


In your first visit you will experience a comprehensive evaluation by the treating doctor. Your problem or issues will be evaluated. You will be explained the nature of your problem and the interventions required to treat the same. Whether you require medicines or counselling or both will be told to you. Treatment approach is towards evaluating the cause of the problem and explaining the severity of thr problem.


First visit :- RS 500/-
For follow up visit :- RS 300/-


All of us experience stress and anxiety in our regular lives, and may feel bogged down dealing with our problems. However, when the issues are more severe or last for much longer than is warranted by the circumstances, they may become ‘symptoms’, and hence, be a cause for concern. There could be several indicators that may suggest that you make need to seek help for a mental health professional.


Please see our contact us page to get proper address with map.


Sexual dysfunction in patients with psychological problems can be due to the problem itself and due to medicines also. Sexual dysfunction due to medicines is transient and go away when the medicines are stopped. Sexual side effects are never permanent. In long term treatment patients may benefit from a change of medicine.Proper counseling and explanation to the client helps allay their doubts and fears.


As a rule, we do not disclose any issues brought up in the course of treatment with anyone, unless you give us permission to share the same. The only exception to this rule is when a person poses a danger to himself, someone else or to the society in general.

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