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Intellectual disability (ID), once called mental retardation, is characterized by below-average intelligence or mental ability and a lack of skills necessary for day-to-day living. People with intellectual disabilities can and do learn new skills, but they learn them more slowly. There are varying degrees of intellectual disability, from mild to profound. Someone with intellectual disability has limitations in two areas.

These areas are:

Intellectual functioning - Also known as IQ, this refers to a person’s ability to learn, reason, make decisions, and solve problems.Adaptive

behaviors - These are skills necessary for day-to-day life, such as being able to communicate effectively, interact with others, and take care of oneself.


The most common symptoms are -

  • Failure to meet intellectual developmental markers
  • Persistence of infantile behavior
  • Lack of curiosity
  • Decreased learning ability
  • Inability to meet educational demands of school

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